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Here's what past students had to say.

Ilias – France (17 years)

My experience in Queenstown was wonderful. While I was in NZ, I’ve done so many amazing things that I couldn’t even imagine before leaving France. The outdoor activities where I was involved such as snow caving, river kayaking, tramping, sky diving heavily contributed to the wealth of my experience in New Zealand. I was surrounded by a great host family who definitely enriched my time here by for example bringing me to a rugby match in Dunedin or to involve me in the conservation of Queenstown during the planting trees sessions or the renovation of hiking tracks on Pigeon island. I thank the school which organised amazing trips in the South Island and I thank anyone who was in my path in New Zealand.

WHS Student Testimonial Llias

June – Vietnam (18 years)
My name is June. I'm currently in my last year of high school, and I have been an international student at Wakatipu High School for over 2 years. Studying in Queenstown has been a life-changing experience for me. The breath-taking landscape and exciting range of activities are enough to charm the heart of any newcomer to this little town. However, the people of Queenstown, especially the students of Wakatipu High School, were what made me decide to further my education in New Zealand. Since my very first day, I have always felt welcomed and included in a multi-cultural environment that encourages international students to explore their potentials and reach for their heights. Ad Alta Wakatipu.

WHS Student Testimonial June

Maximillian – Germany (16 years)
Queenstown and surroundings gave me completely new and incredible experiences. But first I want to say thank you to the school which gave an amazing support in all kinds of problems.
Wakatipu High is an incredible school with a huge amount of possibilities, be it Outdoor activities like Rafting, Snow Caving, Hiking, etc or or other possibilities, which I would have never found at a German school. The key to be a part of that school is talking to students, teachers and enjoy what you like to do. All that together will give a perfect year with a lot of new experiences and friendships in New Zealand.

WHS Student Testimonial Max

Rain – China (19 years)
New Zealand is a peaceful, quiet and safe place compared to other English countries. The reason I like being in Wakatipu high school is not only because it is one of the top decile 10 public schools in New Zealand, also, Queenstown has a fabulous language environment than Auckland or other big cities.

WHS Student Testimonial Rain

Hannah Chen – Taiwan (15 years)
I chose Queenstown because before I came to here, I saw the pictures of Queenstown have a very beautiful view. Queenstown is not the big city, it is safe and clean. I have a lot of fun in Queenstown. My host family is very kind to me we spend time snowboarding together in the weekends.

WHS Student Testimonial Hannah

Kyla – Philippines (16 years)
One of my most favourite events that only international students can go to is the International Students Sports Day that happens a few times every year in Invercargill. Whenever I go to events like this, it makes me feel included and special and it's cool how the school takes part in these kinds of events. To me, it’s really important to socialise with other international students through sports, it’s a fun and special way to get to know people more, especially the students you have the same interests with.

WHS Student Testimonial Kyla

Tomas – Colombia (18 years)
Once I heard that being an international student is not one amazing year in your life, is a life in one year. You will learn a lot about yourself, you’ll make friends for life, friends all around the world, you will earn a second family that will be there for your every single time you need them. That wouldn’t be possible if I wouldn’t come here, I’m so glad I did it and I can proudly say that it has been the best year of my life.

WHS Student Testimonial Tomas 

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