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All non-domestic students must be enrolled as international students if they are attending school for more than two weeks, or are paying a fee for educational services. International students are not funded by the Ministry. Enrolment is entirely at the school’s discretion.

International students interested in studying at Wakatipu High School should read the process and requirements section on this website and complete the online enrolment form. Before completing the enrolment form, we recommend you read our prospectus to find out more. If you have any questions, please contact us via the 'Enquire Now' link below.

International students who would like to study at Wakatipu High School should complete the online enrolment form. The online enrolment form contains the Application, Contract and Declaration stating you agree to all terms and conditions of the Contract(s). 

Prospective students will have an online meeting with the Director of International Students prior to a place being confirmed. 

Application Process:

1. Complete online enrolment via 'Enrol Now' link below
2. Application assessed by school
3. Online meeting scheduled and conducted
4. If conditions are met, you'll be offered a conditional place at Wakatipu High School
5. Pay fees - for more details about fees, click here
6. Unconditional place offered

New Zealand has a Disputes Resolution Service for International Students. Accessing this service will be covered with students during their orientation, and further information can be found here.

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